Il s’agit de la dernière version WIP de Meka disponible actuellement dont voici les nouveauté:

– Fixed a problem losing focus while dragging GUI windows with certain
kind of widgets (happened on tile viewer & memory editor, among other).
– Development:
– Added symbol loading in No$Gmb format, as generated by the WLA-DX
linker (-s parameter). Read DEBUGGER.TXT for more information.
– Added label/symbol viewing in Z80 disassembly window.
– Added expression evaluator.
Supports integer operators +,-,*,/, binary operators &,|,^,
parenthesis, symbols and CPU registers replacement.
Yet missing: unary operators -,!,~ and proper operators priority,
so uses parenthesis in complex expressions to avoid ambiguity.
All commands uses the expression evaluator to get their numeric
parameters, so you can use it everywhere.
– Added PRINT (P) command to evaluate and print expressions.
– Added SYMBOLS (SYM) command to list and search for a symbol.
– Changed breakpoint/watchpoint range syntax to ‘..’ to avoid any
syntaxical ambiguity with the substraction (eg: B 1000..2000).
– Added « B ENABLE/DISABLE ALL » shortcuts to enable/disable all breakpoints
at once, and « B CLEAR DISABLED » shortchut to clear disabled breakpoints.
– Added « Reload ROM » functionnality in the debug menu, for quicker reload.
– Added and modified entries in the checksum and compatibility lists.
Some particular renaming includes:
SMS – a1710f13 – Lucky Dime Caper, The –> Lucky Dime Caper, The – Starring Donald Duck

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