Une nouvelle révision du Command.dat anglais est disponible sur le site (command.dat permet à Mame/Mame32 Plus! et FX d’afficher les coups d’un jeu, dans l’émulateur).

Where to begin for today? Well, for one thing, I’ve added Rival Schools and Primal Rage. I never realized how weird Primal Rage’s command system is, requiring the player to hold buttons down first, and then enter the move. Makes for some interesting motions. Moreover, I did a top to bottom search for some mistakes, particular comma errors, and patched as many as I could find. I corrected the buttons in Cyberbots, and then I finally began to add Common Commands for many of the original Capcom games I worked on when I first began the English command.dat. A lot of authors have surpassed me in thoroughness so I’d like to try to catch up. I only got through about half of them tonight, I will finish the rest tomorrow. Also, does anyone know a good source for Primal Rage II moves? I couldn’t find any on gamefaqs.com. Thanks.

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