YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) est un excellent émulateur tournant sous Windows.

– record emulator output to video
– record emulator sound in WAV format (TED or SID but not both)
– sound oversampling is now using a Hamming window for the FIR filter
– improved NTSC mode
– better VDU emulation
– Ctrl key is accessible thru the ‘Insert’ as well (for laptops)
– drag’n’drop with Ctrl hold down won’t autostart
– fixed a BAM corruption bug in IEC/1551 mode
– fixed fullscreen size in VDU emulation mode (was hardwired to 1024×768)
– stupid sound oversampling bug corrected
– some TED fixes

Télécharger YAPE (Win9x) v1.0.4 (1,1 Mo)

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