Nostalgia est un nouvel émulateur Intellivision qui en est déja à sa version 3.0 et il supporte l’ECS.
Il existe aussi une version debugger.

Added ECS support! Keyboard and music keyboard are supported.
Added a real Windows help file.
Made more improvemnts to the menuing system.
Added « Type Ahead » to the Load Cartridge screen. You may now press the first letter of the game you want to play to jump to it in the list.
Made improvements to the way joysticks are handled to allow multiple joysticks with the same name to function properly.
Fixed a big, ugly bug in the joystick routine that was causing a dump from the game under certain circumstances. Thanks to Michael Mellor for catching this one.
Changed the quick save and restore to properly save and restore ECS and
ROM format games.

Télécharger Nostalgia 5.0 (908.8 Ko)

Télécharger Nostalgia-Debugger 5.0 (181.9 Ko)

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