Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Playstation dont voici les nouveautés:

– modified gpu timing opting for a « slower » update
– fixed spu_freeze crash at exit
– added spu_freeze for window « X » or close button
– fixed vagrant story in-game crash, due to translator memory alignment error.
– increased savestate number to 9 for the savestate crazy people.
– fixed crash-on exit bug caused by libbz2
– added the missing delete/markfree functions for the memcard manager
– fixed YUV to RGB conversion so that it doesn’t cause crash on glitches (FF9)
– removed autoset.ini file since it confused some people
– replaced old « dos » box with a custom terminal (since I often get complaints that it’s ugly or whatever). This terminal allows you to do some things not present in the GUI including saving custom configurations by using the ‘REG’ command.

Télécharger SNEM (Dos) 0.094 WIP (452,1 Ko)

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