Atari800 est un émulateur Atari 800 (hum, c’était dure) mais aussi Atari XL/XE/5200. Passer en open source, il est maintenant développé par pas mal de personnes en provenance du net. En voici les nouveautés:

* different color palette used by default
* PNG screenshots added
* added sector counter and speedometer
* F6 is Atari HELP key on Curses, Falcon and in X11
* added missing combinations of ANTIC modes with GTIA modes
* keyboard joystick works in more games (doesn’t pause the game) in SDL
* mouse joystick emulation works in X11
* cassette loading by hardware registers (Ninja and Elektraglide
are examples of games that load correctly now)
* blank boot ATR disk image can be created in the Disk Management menu
* many small fixes and major source code clean up

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