Un émulateur ZX Spectrum conçu pour tourner sous Windows 2000. Il porte le surnom de « Unreal » car il possède des fonctions que n’ont jamais eu les vrai Spectrum tel que : sauvegarder/chargement rapide, catpure d’écran, pause, accélération…

! pc joystick/gamepad did not work since 0.27 [fb Terazini]
+ pc joystick/gamepad can be bound to any keys, not only kempston joystick
please create new keyboard layouts with JLEFT=6,JRIGHT=7,JUP=9,… etc…
+ AY mouse [thanx to [bETA]mEN for scheme]
* mouse coords updated (interpolated) every Z80 cycle, not every frame
+ loading labels from user.l for external assemblers [sb aprisobal]
label format is ‘PP:AAAA nnn’, PP – page, AAAA – offset, nnn – text
* flash-color options read from ini [sb Agent Cooper]
@ ini: [SOUND] Fq=48000 by default (supported by most AC’97’s. for others,
consult soundcard manual or set default 44100)
+ Scorpion SMUC: PROFROM,IDE,CMOS,NVRAM [thanx to Neu Animal for scheme scan]
* press F12 to reset in default mode, as specified in ini: [MISC]Reset
* GS emulation code re-organized in object-oriented way
+ monitor: jump to label [sb Kurles^HS^CPU]
* edit MODS.H to compile size-optimized versions without unnecessary parts
@ fixed errata in documentation [thanx to AlCo]

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