Un émulateur d’Enterprise128 écrit par Istvan Varga et dont voici les nouveautés:

* ep128emu home page has been moved to
* Video and sound driver can be selected with the ‘video_driver’ and
‘sound_driver’ configuration options. The available video drivers are
‘null’ (no video and keyboard – not very useful), ‘sdl’, and ‘opengl’.
Sound drivers are ‘null’ (disable sound), ‘sdl’, ‘alsa’ (Linux only),
and ‘winmm’ (Win32 only, does not work very well yet).
* New, OpenGL based video driver that can be enabled with the
‘video_driver=opengl’ option. Allows scaling the emulator window by
any ratio (e.g. from 720×540 to 1024×768), optionally with linear
filtering, and is faster than the old SDL driver if a high resolution
is used. Double buffering and ‘blit_on_change_only’ are supported,
however, there is no implementation for interlaced display and half
refresh rate. ‘video_hw’ is ignored in GL mode, as it always uses
hardware acceleration. See the file ‘.ep128rc.gl’ for more details.
* If the OpenGL video module is used, a transparent console overlay may
be enabled (with the ‘gl_console=1’ option). This is most useful in
fullscreen mode where the console messages could not be seen
otherwise. Messages are shown when the keyboard is in program control
mode (F12), and are hidden in normal emulation mode.
The disadvantage of enabling the console is increased CPU usage, and
it also automatically turns on double buffering and disables
‘blit_on_change_only’. So, the GL console is best used on fast
* Improved color correction: gamma, contrast, and brightness can be
specified for each color channel (R, G, B), in addition to the overall
values that affect all channels. For example, the ‘gamma_b’ option
sets the gamma correction for the blue channel, ‘min_intensity_g’
controls the minimum intensity (brightness) of the green channel etc.
* Emulator messages can be logged to a file with the ‘logfile=filename’
option, and it is possible to disable printing to stderr with
* Direct floppy access under Windows 2000/XP; set the image name to
‘.A:@80,2,9’ or ‘.B:@80,2,9’ for a 3.5″ 720k disk (note: the
disk geometry must be specified, as the emulator cannot detect it).
5.25″ disks were not tested.
* Bug in disk emulation after snapshot loading may be fixed now.
* Some functions of the emulator can be accessed with multiple
keys, for improved compatibility with systems where the original keys
could not be used for some reason. The new keys are:
Reset CPU frequency to 4 MHz Keypad Enter, Keypad *
HOLD / Quit emulator Pause, PageUp
STOP Print Screen, End
* New sound driver for Win32 that uses the waveOut interface, and is
enabled with ‘sound_driver=winmm’. This is experimental, and currently
not really usable.
* Added more example configuration files.

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