Une nouvelle version de VirtuaNES vient de sortir. Faites attention, le plugin FDS a été changé (FDSplugin.dll). Voici les autres nouveautées :

Additions :

– Support an archive file with Launcher.
– Add CHR CRC to ROM information DIALOG.
– Add a setting item only of INI to DIALOG with v0.61.
– Add a filter type of sound setting.
– Add START, SELECT to a controller after 2Player.

Changements :

– Change uses zlib, and to be able to defrost an archive file even if there
isn’t UNZIP32.DLL.
– When a recorded version of a movie is different, don’t seem to send DIALOG,
and change when used the option which doesn’t do a CRC check.

Revisions :

– Small noise corrects that there is a game to go with Rectangle wave sometimes.
– Correct Triangle wave.
– Correct that a state slot menu isn’t checked.

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