Il s’agit de la dernière version WIP de Meka disponible actuellement.

– GUI:
– Fixed text input widget insert mode, could not insert any character,
and it broke memory editor (bug added in a 0.71 WIP)
– Development:
– Fixed replacement of 8-bit CPU registers variables (low and high
nibbles were inverted) [contributed by Proppy]
– Fixed display of CPU flags (only bit 0 was properly interpreted,
because of a typo). Added display of undocumented flags bits 3
and 5 (partially emulated).
– Made it that debugger log to file is immediately flushed. This
allows reading the log file in live while the debugger is running.
– Added REGS (R) command to dump Z80 registers to the log console.
– Added display of weither CPU is running or not.
– Fixed behavior of step/step over/continue when executing while being
located on a breakpoint. Fixed behavior of step over an infinite loop.
– Fixed loading of corrupted or incorrectly sized ROM images that would
sometimes made the engine crash.
– Sources
– (Linux) Updated Makefile and some sources tidbits for proper
compilation (thanks Proppy, Belegdol).
– (Linux,DOS) Object directories are now created automatically.
– (Linux,DOS) Removed « smscheck » tool from project. Has nothing to do with MEKA.
– (Win32) Make it that build date/time stamp in build.c is updated when
rebuilding the solution. Removed buildupd.exe executable from sources.
– (DOS) I’m stopping to maintain the MS-DOS port. A maintener is welcome.

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