Basé sur MAME cet émulateur supporte uniquement les gambling machines (jeux d’argent). Il s’agit du build Windows. A noter que le nom a changé, il s’agit donc de AGEMAME. Voici les nouveautés:

All change for this release, as we change name, location and license.
You may notice a slight change to our source delivery system, this is to remove excess strain from our server, and to highlight our derivative status. Essentially, the new source ZIPs must be applied over a normal MAME source, and to compile, type mingw32-make -f makefile.age at the command prompt, rather than just mingw32-make.

During the transition period Peter Trauner contacted the old site offering an old MESS driver which ran the Fun World video poker games (All those previously in the intgames.c driver). This has been merged with the work by Curt Coder to make a working driver for all the games running on this hardware, bar igpoker, which appears to be a slightly different PCB type.

Unfortunately, we have no colour references to correct the palette handling, but the games do appear to be playable.

In order to use them, and to remove the false bug reports we are likely to receive, please read the following notes before playing:

– It takes 48 seconds for the Fun World (bonuscrd/poker4/poker8) games to boot up after the initial screen is displayed!!!
– The default DIP switch settings MUST be used when first booting up the games to allow them to complete the NVRAM initialization.
– jollycrd/jollypkr: To initialise the NVRAM, Start game, press and hold Service1 & Service2, press reset (F3), release Service1 & 2 and press reset (F3) again. Now the NVRAM has been initialized.

Some ROMsets have had minor changes, these are:
bfmqtnd, gcr, oldtimer, paradice, pokio, ponttehk, sltbgpo, starspnr.

The use of a tool such as ClrMAME Pro can fix these (mostly name and case related), but magiccrd has been totally rebuilt, and is therefore not fixable.

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