Un projet basé sur Gens v2.12a et Gens+ v0.0.3.39. Il ajoute de nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Apparemment, c’est une version avec moins de bugs que la 2.01

1) Rewrite all codes,Gens32 is Based on Gens2.12a And Gens+0.039 now.
2) Redesigned Menu.Separate into 2 modes,which are Simple mode and Advanced Mode.
3) Deleted some useless functions,some useful function are also deleted,these will be restored later and become more powerful.
4) Added input macro system.
5) Added 3 sound filters wrote by myself.
6) Fixed the menu’s bug in v2.00.The menu can be displayed normally under win9x now.
7) Fixed Sound volume settings.Both volume and channels can be adjust without noise.
8) Fixed SEGA CD brm system,make it more easily to use.
9) Fixed Input macro system,make it more easily to use.
10) Restored game name translation system.Thanks to LuciferWon’s hard work,all rom’s name staring with « A » can be displayed in chinese.And,the GameName.dat will come along with his Simple chinese translation of Gens32.Just waiting for his good news.

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