Mon ami Guyfawkes a sorti une nouvelle version de sa démo Game Boy Advance « Pong Fighter ». Elle est basé sur le 1er tutorial de Nokturn, il s’agit d’un superbe pong, vous le connaissez certainement car il accompagne l’émulateur BoyCott Advance de Gollum. N’hésitez pas a downloader cette nouvelle release, en effet les nouveautées sont nombreuses :

Code :

– The usual code cleanup & rewrote some stuff for a easy GP32 port 🙂
– Now using Dan Cotters GBA Library, visit his site at
– Now using the Codewaves MOD/SFX player, a big thanks to them for giving me permission to use it. Visit their site at

Jeu :

– Rewritten CPU AI, acts a bit more realistic and randomly now
– New CPU difficulty named ‘impossible’, blame Costis if you end up throwing the GBA at the nearest wall 🙂
– Highscore table which saves/loads to cart
– Option screens (music player, game settings, reset save etc), also saves game settings to cart
– Time limit – choice of 30/60/90 seconds or infinite time

Graphismes :

– New font code, much easier to read text now
– Added a choice of backgrounds, there are currently four:
– Background 1 – Classic Pong By Guyfawkes
– Background 2 – Football Pitch By Yann
– Background 3 – Swirl By Mark
– Background 4 – Underwater By Mark
– New Splash Screen by Mr Zingh

Sons :

– Three music tracks, special thanks to Capcom for giving permission to use their tunes in Pong Fighter!
– Track 1 – ‘Title Screen’ by FreeGameboy
– Track 2 – ‘Street Fighter 2 Ken’ by Capcom
– Track 3 – ‘Street Fighter 2 Guile’ remixed by FreeGameboy
– Added sounds for ball bouncing and fireballs.

Télécharger Pong Fighter v1.2

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