Une nouvelle Beta de Magic Engine est disponible… Uniquement en anglais. Voici les nouveautées :

– Fixed ‘Cho Aniki’ and ‘Seiya Monogatari’ CDs.
– Added support for higher screen resolutions (up to 1280×1024)
– Added new video options in the PCE.INI file : ‘fullscreen’ to enable fullscreen stretch, and ‘filtering’ to enable bilinear filtering (this may not work on all the video cards).
– Added a new scanlines mode (25%).
– Added an option to control the level of the sound interpolation : ‘interpolation_level’.
– Added a new option to control the delay of a PC-Engine video frame : ‘frame_delay’, this can be used to adjust the speed of the emulator to match the CD audio play speed more accurately.
– Added a new option to display the name of the ROM files in the load menu instead of the internal game names : ‘use_rom_file_name’.

Télécharger Magic Engine FX (Demo) 1.1.1 (1.3 Mo)

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