Voici enfin la nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Playstation2 dont voici les nouveautés:

– Compatibility has been increased since last release. More games go ingame now and 3d is okay in most of them. Vurecs improved and speeded up a lot (buggy in many causes so use the simple rec for compatibility) and IPU should work in some cases.(e.g VF4)

– Fixed SBUS IRQ at iop
– Fix for end chain mode at vif
– Fixed SPR0 chain mode
– Fixed intc/dmac interrupts that gets cleared right away
– Added offset/difference UNPACK modes in vif
– VIF irq by vifcode seems ok now
– Added interleave mode for SPR
– Fixed UNPACK V4_5 with mask
– Fixed small bug over VIF1 dma FIFO
– VIF1 doens’t clears str on MFIFO
– Fixed some MFIFO bugs in both GS/VIF1
– Fixed bug in REF/REFS dma at VIF1/GS MFIFO

– Finally fixed IPU. Mpegs and IPU streams run so do PSS files
– Quality of ipu playback improved

– Added GSsetCSR
– added CDVDreadSubQ, CDVDgetTOC, CDVDctrlTrayOpen, CDVDctrlTrayClose to cdvd

– Added some more debug info to CDVD
– Fixed cdReadKey function to emulate correctly.
– Modified GetToc stuff in cdvd to support dvds
– cdvdTD uses lsn now
– Fixed NVM (eeprom) access from cdvd stuff
– Added reading of mecha version from an external file
– Fixed raw dvd sector readng for dvd9 discs (otp and ptp)
– Added hw-reg read/write for DecSet register 0x1f40203A
– Made cdSeek change the current cdvd sector
– Fixed NReady busy stuff

– Added more memRead/Write funcs for speed

– Fixed bug in branch address in vus
– Implemented MFLAG for VU0
– Fixed some iVUmicro bugs
– Fixed some VPU-STAT related issues
– Fixed vu flushing over vuExecMicro
– Fixed some pipelines bug within VU1,VU0
– Reworked MAX/MINI
– Added EFU pipeline to VUmicro
– Fixed DIV/RSQRT exceptions

– Some improvements on interface.
– Added placetopatch == 1, which means patches will be applied every vsync

Télécharger PCSX2 (Français) v0.9.6 (4,9 Mo)

Et maintenant voici les mises à jour des plugins:

GSsoft v0.9
* Lots of fixes, implemented most psm’s, thx to gabest
for helping me with some stuff
* Rewrote triangle algorithm, based on the 3DFC algo,
* Both CRTs now are blended when both enabled

CDVDnull v0.6
* added vsnet2003 project files.
* added support for functions in new plugin version

Télécharger Extra MAME 2009 9.9 (11,5 Mo)

CDVDiso v0.5
* Added block dumping code
* Added BZ2/Z2 format 😉
* Added optimaze asm code of zlib with vsnet2003 only. Compression / Uncompression should be faster now (shadow)
* Added Vsnet2005 beta1 project files + amd64 asm optimaze code for zlib (shadow)

CDVDbin v0.67
* Up to date to the latest CDVD specs v3 (0.4.3)
* Bugfix for small files

Télécharger CDVDbin Plugin 0.67 (71,4 Ko)

PadWin v0.9
* Added vsnet2005 beta1 files. 64bit dll should now work (not tested!)
* Fixed bug in PADclose

Télécharger Mupen64k v0.8 (4,7 Mo)

– Compatible PS1/PS2

SPU2null v0.4
* added vsnet2005beta1 project files. 64bit dll should work fine now (not tested!)
* Fixed one more bug in regs stuff

Télécharger Turing Bombe Model Simulator 1999 update (52,9 Ko)

Dev9Null v0.3
*added vsnet2005beta1 project files. 64bit dll should work now (not tested!)

Dev9 linuz 0.2 WIP
Only for developers

USB Null v0.4
*project files for vs2005 beta1 .64bit dll should work okay (not tested!)

USB linuz v0.3
*Up to specifications 0.5.5
*Added Logging option and ini saving

Télécharger RCPemu (Dos) (Obsolète) v0.70 (1,0 Mo)

FWNull v0.4
*Added vsnet2005 beta1 support. 64bit dll should work okay (not tested yet!)

FWlinuz v0.1
* First Release
* Tested with Pcsx2

Et enfin le plugin GPU de Gabest en standalone (déjà inclus dans PCSX2 et PCSX2 SSE)

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