Voici le portage de Bliss sous Windows. Anciennement connu sous le nom de Xanadu. On note forcément un gain de rapidité. Un must pour les nostalgique du Mattel Intellivision. Voici les nouveautés:

– Significantly updated the input configuration capabilities to include the
following additions, changes, and fixes:
– Added the ability to bind a combination of inputs to each emulated
input. This allows you to use multi-key or multi-button combinations as
an input.
– Added the ability to bind more than one set of inputs to each emulated
input. This allows more than one key configurations to activate the same
emulated input, allowing you to have two joysticks simultaneously mapped
to the same hand controller, for example.
– Added the ability to clear all input bindings and configure all inputs
at once, simplifying the input configuration process.
– Added the ability to reset an input binding, leaving it completely
unbound if you don’t intend to use it.
– ECS keyboard inputs are sorted into a more logical order in the input
configuration window.
– Changed the input configuration dialog to be resizeable.
– Fixed a bug with the input configuration dialog where you could not
configure the ENTER or SPACE keyboard keys.
– In full-screen mode, the mouse cursor now times out and automatically
disappears after a few seconds with no mouse movement.
– Added the ability to pause the game currently in progress (Alt+P).
– Fixed the bug where the Intellivoice would only speak during the title screen
of the Intellivoice games, but would not speak the in-game phrases. The
Intellivoice emulation now properly speaks all phrases.
– Fixed a bug where the ECS keyboard was not being scanned, which prevented
use of the keyboard in the games that require it.
– Fixed a problem where Bliss wouldn’t play nice if you tried to switch to
another application while in full-screen mode. You can now switch between
apps with no problems while in full-screen mode.
– Fixed the icon for the settings dialog.
– Made a minor change to graphics rendering to try to fix the graphics glitch
of offset pixels running in a line from the lower left to the upper right that
occured on some video cards.
– Settings dialog now correctly selects the first item in the tree every time
the options window is displayed.
– Accelerator keys are now shown in the window menus.

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