Nouvelle version bugfixés de cet émulateur de Playstation2 dont voici les nouveautés:

* Fixed two bugs in GSsoft, one bug was added just before release (wrong textures), and fixed another triangle related prob i just noticed.
* Updated GSdx9 to v0.8, fixed fullscreen issues and pixel shaders detection probs.
* SPU2null has no logging on release builds.
* Fixed logo (hi CKemu :P).
* Fixed problems with languagues.
* Added spu2PeopsDSound that i forgot before.

All the builds (dev,sse2,normal) have the same compatibility.

Le plugin GSdx9 de Gabest (déjà inclus dans le build normal et SSE2) en version standalone:

Télécharger PCSX2 (Français) v0.9.6 (4,9 Mo)

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