Nouvelle version pour cet excellent build de Mame basé sur Plus/FX/Caname/JMame/… en voici les changements:

ZetaMAME32 v0.96u2 Updated
– Updated to MAME 0.96u2 – MAME32 0.96

ZetaMAME32 v0.96u2 Changed
– Changed Final 150 command glyphs and command short.
– Code clean-up Display of Title Line.
– Source: ui_font_*.c, ui_pal.h, usrintrf.c, usrintrf.h, ui/options.c, ui/paletteedit.c, windows/video.c.
– Added Title color tag: , , etc. (See command list in ‘Pong’ for details)
– Supported this feature in Command list, History, MAME Info, Drivers Info etc.
– Changed 150 command glyphs and command short. (Procyon Lotor)
– Code clean-up source for command list. – ui_font*.c (BUT, MAME32 Plus!)
– Supported multiple arguments in tag line such as ‘$info=vf,vfremix’. (BUT)
– Corrected comma and equal handling in command datafile. (BUT)

ZetaMAME32 v0.96u2 Added
– Added ‘Save current game or ROMs list’ Features. (Mamesick, MAME32FX, USE_SAVE_GAMELIST macro)
– File Menu / ‘Save current game list’ or ‘Save current ROMs list’. (Text file format)

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