Presqu’un an après la dernière release, voici un nouveau CaPriCe32. Beaucoup d’améliorations dont le support des K7 (qui est plutot buggé a l’heure actuel). CaPriCe32 est tout simplement un excellent émulateur Amstrad CPC (464, 664 & 6128), plus rapide et stable dans cette dernière version. A télécharger absolument.

Voici les changements:

– New CRTC Type 0 emulation based on code by Richard Wilson. The good:
the new emulation is much closer to what the hardware does. The bad:
the new code is not yet optimized, still has some bugs, and due to the
higher accuracy is quite a bit slower than the old CRTC emulation…

– Stephane contributed code to render the CPC screen in a variety of
different modes, e.g. scanlines, doubled, half size, Super Eagle,
Scale2x, TV 2x and several OpenGL options. See README.txt for the
complete list.

– Modified the sound playback code. When sound is enabled, the emulator
timing is now based on when the next sound buffer is ready.

– Completely new keyboard code to support different international
layouts and the mapping of the CPC keys to them. Eventually the key
assignments (CPC keys _and_ emulator functions) will be user definable
via the GUI.

– Return of the joystick emulation via the keyboard. Can be enabled
(and disabled) via CTRL+F8; replaces Z, X and the cursor keys with the
joystick fire buttons and directions respectively.

– Added support for ROM slots 0 and 1 – kudos to Anthony Jordan for
pointing out that they should be user definable too!

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