Voici la dernière version en date du Command.dat en Anglais. Command.dat permet à Mame/Mame32 Plus! , FX et ZetaMame d’afficher les coups d’un jeu, dans l’émulateur. Il y a deux versions dans ce pack, la version Long (pour les débutants) et la version Short (pour les habitués des jeux de bastons). A n’utiliser qu’avec les builds supérieur à 0.96u2 (ceci est dù aux récents ajouts de Ceio/But/MameSick et Procyon).

Here it is, the new revision of the command.dat. All of the old codes have been replaced by the new codes, and the file has been optimized to take advantage of the changes. This is only the beginning, more changes will be coming to take advantage of the updates. The latest additions from Minoplis have been added to the shorthand version, and Andre has submitted the longhand version of Top Hunter, as well as a new entry for Asura Blade. That is the last update that has made it in to the legacy version of the command.dat.
The latest version of the command.dat has been updated to take advantage of the new codes and glyphs that have been added. This change is the result of a lot of hard work between Ceio, BUT, and Mamesick, the authors of zetaMAME, MAME 32 Plus, and MAME 32 FX respectively. Thank you guys for taking my suggestions in to consideration.

Any user of the command.dat using version 0.96u2 of MAME and beyond will want to grab the update. Users of previous versions of MAME can still grab a legacy copy of the dat, but it will not receive anymore updates.

Authors, please drop by the Author’s Guide page for an updated glyph guide, and a list of code changes, and I’m happy to report: no more comma-space bug.

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