Un émulateur ZX Spectrum conçu pour tourner sous Windows 2000. Il porte le surnom de « Unreal » car il possède des fonctions que n’ont jamais eu les vrai Spectrum tel que : sauvegarder/chargement rapide, catpure d’écran, pause, accélération…

* added ATA-1 compatibility (address registers after read/write) [fb Blade]
! fixed bug in sound engine, that cause crash after long running
+ AY 2nd chip: Turbo-AY (POS), Turbo-sound (NedoPC) and Quadro-AY schemes
monitor: Alt-Y switches active chip
+ frame resampler: converts spectrum 50hz-int into 60/75/80/… hz display
refresh, has built-in low-pass filters to handle 3color and noflic.
set [VIDEO]Refresh to maximum for you monitor in 640×480 (75,85 or 100 hz)
! fixed bug in .Z80 loader [fb Terazini]
! General Sound was accidentally disabled in 0.28b
! fixed INTRQ bug in ATM HDD scheme
! fixed GS volume tables in low level mode [fb psb]
! fixed bugs in GS Z80 [fb psb]
! fixed bug in on-screen watches [fb MadCat]
! fixed reset keys inside monitor

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