Voici les nouvelles versions des plugins graphiques pour émulateurs de Playstation.

P.E.Op.S. GPU (Soft)
Le plugin Soft de Pete, développé en Open Source contrairement aux 3 autres. Utilisez-le si vous n’avez pas de carte compatible DirectX ou Open-Gl car Il n’est pas accéléré. Un EXCELLENT plugin.

– smf of the MAME team found a new capability of the PSX gpu: sprite Y
mirroring. I’ve added this to the P.E.Op.S. gpu, big thanx to smf
for sharing this info (and for coding a small psx demo showing this

– softm informed me on my messageboard that one of the transparency modes
seems to be wrong in some games (Diablo, Legend of Mana, Castlevania).
I’ve repaired that, now it will look fine.

– Sometimes small (wrong) texture distortions happened in the soft gpu.
That’s caused by internal precision issues, when the plugin is drawing
quads using two triangles (needed to get the PSX g-shading right).
I’ve made a special game fix (0x200), now users can decide if they want
a correct g-shading (fix activated) or textures without distortions
(fix deactivated).

– The frame limit value is now a floating point number, so you can
set (for example) « 50.1 » as limit. Dunno why, but many users requested
this… anyway, my advice: use the « auto-detect limit » option whenever
it’s possible 🙂

Télécharger P.E.Op.S. GPU (Soft) v1.18b (368,8 Ko)

Pete’s OGL2
Il s’agit d’un plugin video accéléré Hardware (compatible ZiNc) pour les systèmes modernes (rapide et puissant), il n’utilise pas encore l’OpenGL 2 mais vous devrez posséder une carte vidéo récente supportant les dernières extentions OpenGL. Une carte graphique de 64 Mo de mémoire rapide (vram, ATI & N’Vidia de préférence) est fortement conseillé !

– Some users wanted the possibility to enter a floating point value as
framerate limitation. Ok, done (doesn’t make much sense, imho, but
it will not hurt as well… my personal advice: use the « auto-detect
limitation value » option whenever it is possible).

– softm reported on my messageboard, that one of the PSX blending modes
looked different in my plugins, compared to the real PSX. You will
notice the difference only in a few games (softm found Diablo, Legend
of Mana and Castlevania), but nevertheless I’ve fixed this glitch.

– In some games the « Flicker-Fix border » option (needed in combination
with the fullscreen shader option) actually didn’t fix flickering
borders. That’s fixed 🙂

– Many users requested a « fast forward » key, which deactivates the
frame limitation while pressed (to skip boring parts of a game).
I’ve added this feature, you have to configure it in the « GPU
key configuration » (hint: look for a small « … » button in the
main config window).

– smf of MAMEdev found a new psx gpu feature: y sprite mirroring.
With his help (thanx for the small psx demo!) I could add this
psx gpu capability to my plugins.
Don’t ask me if a console psx game will use such a mirroring (I’ve
never noticed it), but who knows… there are many psx games
out there 🙂

– ShadX and guest(r) created all kind of interesting and nice looking
OGL2 fullscreen shaders, which can be found in the shader forum on my
messageboard. With version 2.07, even better shaders can be made:
I’ve added the possibility to access own textures (stored as tga
files), which can be used as look-up-tables, for example.
If you want to know how to use this multi-texture option, I’ve put
two small shader demos on my web site as well. Happy shading 🙂

Télécharger Crazy Chip 8 0.2 (19,6 Ko)

Pete’s Open-GL Direct3D GPU
Ce pack rassemble les 3 derniers plugins de Pete (Open GL, Direct X6 & 7).

– Ok, some of the new 1.76 plugin features I have described in the OGL2
version file (OGL2 V2.07):

* floating point fps limit value
* y sprite mirroring (thanx to smf)
* fixed psx gpu blending mode (thanx to softm)
* fast forward key

So there’s no point to repeat it all again 🙂

A few extra things needed to get fixed/added in the standard OGL/D3D
plugins, though:

– I’ve added a « pause » key, if you have to do a break, and you don’t
want to quit the emu (my other gpu plugins already had this option)

– I’ve noticed the « G4 polygon cache » special game fix (for FF9) was
a bit overdone 🙂 Should be better now.

Télécharger Petes Open-GL Direct3D GPU 1.77 (524,6 Ko)

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