Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Game Boy programmé en Java.

Emulation Changes
– Fixed LCDC interrupt LCY flag. Fixes crash in ‘Max’, ‘Rayman GBC’, ‘Donkey Kong Country’.
– Fixed problem when grabbing the next instruction when executing right next to the
end of memory. Fixes crahes on ‘G&W Gallery 3’, ‘Millipede/Centipede’ and others
– Fixed P10-P13 interrupt handling. Fixes controls in Double Dragon 3 menus,
Lawnmower Man, and others.
– Added hack to unscramble status bars on many games (Aladdin, Pokemon Pinball)
that change bank address just before the window starts
– Changed sprite hiding behaviour. Now sprites are turned on if they’re visible anywhere
in the frame. (Elevator Action, Mortal Kombat 4)
– Fixed debug breakpoint detection (Micro Machines 2, Monster Race 2, others)
– Changed VBlank line to fix white screen on startup (Home Alone, Dragon Tales)
– Added extra condition to LCD interrupts – that the display should be enabled.
– Fixed comparison with LCY register, Austin Powers – Oh Behave! now works, and GTA status bar isn’t scrambled.
– Fixed BG enable on GBC. Dragon Ball Z now works.

New Features
– Added support for MBC3 mapper chip. MBC3 games now work (Pokemon Blue/Crystal/Gold/Silver, Harvest Moon)
– Added emulation of the Game Boy Printer (only in application mode for now)

Applet mode changes (when running on a web page)
– Fix online save RAM bugs

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