Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Acorn BBc dont voici les nouveautés:

– Timing improvements, some stuff that encrypts via timers (eg Frogman) now works
VIA improvements
– fixed Planetoids/Super Defender/whatever, Volcano and Pharoah’s Curse
– Improvements to sound accuracy, Ghouls and Killer Gorilla (and probably others) have better sound
– Cassette emulation now much more reliable, and supports HQ-UEF files
– Save states are implemented again
– Config file now in English
– Added high pass sound filter and SID waveform
– Vastly improved Windows port

Télécharger B-EM (Dos) 1.1 (866,3 Ko)

Télécharger Steem Engine Update 2.5 Fr. (22,2 Ko)

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