Nouvelle version de cet excellent manager de roms, toujours plus de fixes :

3.70a :

– fixed: animation area collides with % progress text
– fixed: rare progress window crash when reading xml dats
– fixed: hiding treebranches (red/green/grey hiding) doesn’t work in all cases

3.70 :

– misc: fixdats: rewrote generation routine (much faster now)
– misc: fixdats: changed the way fixdatfile saving works:

– As long as you use auto-save-fixdatfile, they will be stored in cmpro’s
fixdatfolder, using a profiler-related subfolder scheme.
– Any popupmenu->save fixdatfile option will always show a prompt for a
destination file. You won’t be asked for the datheader name anymore.
– Autofixdats will be updated/deleted/moved/etc when the belonging
profiler option is used.

– misc: profiler: you can directly select a datfile subfolder when adding dats
– misc: profiler: profiler tree selector (the move/add one) fully expands tree
– misc: profiler: empty folders after ‘hide green/red/grey’ aren’t shown
– misc: profiler: moved settings->’datfile errors’ to profiler options
– misc: profiler: zipfile datpicker got a header control now
– misc: core: datfiles can have zero rom sizes (is handled as a nodump)
– misc: gui: saving mainwindow position
– misc: gui: replaced animation (big thanks to Nicole Schmitz for providing it)
– misc: gui: countless menu/text/gui/etc changes
– misc: gui: centering window when no/illegal pos was saved (instead of 0/0)
– misc: batchrun: no ‘no rom/samplepath warning’ prompt in batchmode
– added: batchrun: ‘always use default’ option
– added: profiler: popup menu: copy datfilename to clipboard
– fixed: profiler: drag&drop folders with datfiles/more subfolders doesn’t pickup files from subfolders.
– fixed: profiler: zipfile datpicker doesn’t import zip’s subfolder structure
– fixed: profiler: a lot of garbage collection issues
– fixed: core: zlib buffer overflow issue
– fixed: about: drag&drop shows hashes for 0-sized bytes
– removed: profiler: « default settings created successfully » prompt

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