Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– Jukebox with two modes (gamelist or explorer like)
– LCD screens for the jukebox mode
– Filter sets
– Scrolling of gamelists optimized. (Fast scrolling function)
– Layout switch optimized. Less flicker.
– MaLaLayout: Pattern templates for the textfields
– Layouts for each gamelist (Auto Layout Switch)
– Layout: 8 text holder with placeholders for various values (game, gamelist, controls, mp3 tag, …)
– Layout: Different GUI sounds for each layout
– Layout: Horizontal and vertical background image for the menu
– Layout: Horizontal and vertical background image for starting dialog
– Layout: Hide text in starting dialog
– Refresh main game list added to mala menu
– New application: MaLa Attract Mode Editor

– Default layout name for Mame changed to mame.mll (Auto Layout Switch)
– Layout: GameInfo and GameCount fields not available anymore. Use the new text holder instead.
– Menu items in exit menu renamed (Quit, Shutdown, Reboot)
– GUI tab in options dialog reordered

– Joystick control in mala menu fixed
– Values not saved in ini file on reboot or shutdown fixed
– Jump to the first game in gamelist after adding or removing games fixed
– Some more bugs fixed

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