Nouvelle version (encore) du meilleur gestionnaire de dats.

* added: batcher: ‘use fastscan if possible’
* misc: scanner: ‘delete all incomplete’ includes wrong-sized roms
* misc: core: some minor text changes
* misc: core: optimizations/fixes/changes to ‘cleaning up data’
* misc: profiler: overwriting datfiles resets profile to ‘not scanned yet’
* removed: dir2dat: rebuildto options. Use setsubfolder mode instead.
* fixed: dir2dat: singleset/setsubfolder combined drops a name subfolder
* fixed: profile Setting_Sets entries is changed by ‘move profile’
* fixed: scanner: random name for existing files backup isn’t random 😉
* fixed: scanner: nodump handling options get enabled (leaving scanner adv.)
* fixed: several ‘biosset’ tag issues (just tag specific, not set specific)

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