Nouvelle version de AgeMAME avec quelques nouveautes :

Since the changes to 99u1 borked all the CFG files, it made sense to take the opportunity to rationalise the input
handling of the various games, in particular the Scorpion 2 Video titles which had many inconsistencies, including a debug mode which may not have been accessible to the operator (I’ve left it in though, press ‘X’ in many Scorpion 2 games top activate it.
This, coupled with a minor alteration to the autopayout systems of Scorpion 2 and Tehkan titles are the only AGEMAME specific
At this point I remind you that the game-specific CFG files (not default.cfg or anything controller specific) are no longer valid, and it is best to delete them and have AGEMAME recreate them from scratch. Also, it is worth reviewing the input menus
for each game, as some buttons have changed to better match the original control panels.

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