Une nouvelle version de l’excellent frontend EasyMAME est disponible.

Version 5.1.1 release info:
– New : Added .mng playback support.
Note : The mng playbackwindow can be scaled.
Note : From now on the libmng.dll will be included in the zip distribution. This library is only required for mng playback and is optional. EasyMame will work without this dll file but you will not be able to playback any recorded .mng file.
– New : Added ‘MNG’ to statusbar. Indicates if a .mng file is available for the selected rom.
– New : Added ‘Play MNG movie’ button to toolbar.
– Fixed : Only one instance of EasyMame can now be run at once.
– Improved : Deleted files within EasyMame are now send to the recycle bin.

Télécharger Msvcp70.dll (122,2 Ko)

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