Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter ACE, Memotech & du G007 HRG est disponible.

Preliminary Lambda Colour support. Rom intercepts added to Lambda emulation to support the
Tape Manager. Fixed Loading/Saving of Zx80 files (Zx80 files are awkward because the Zx80
doesn’t use filenames). Added keyboard maps for Zx80/Lambda (Maybe these should be ROM
dependant instead of machine dependant?). ACE now supports loading and saving to .t81 files
(seemless conversion between .tap next on the todo list). Added support for M1NOT. Fixed a
bug where if non-standard video was being produced (Primarily during load/save), the number
of T-states being executed per 20/16ms timer tick was incorrect. This was the cause of the
counter in the wavloader appearing to run slow. WavLoader autostart/stop works again for
everything except the Ace. You can now Select TapeManager/WavLoader for Tape source and
TapeManager/WavLoader/AudioOut for Destination (Audio In comming soon).
Tape loading/Saving interception is now done on a per ROM basis instead of per machine. This
means if you fire up a ZX81 with the Lambda ROM, it’ll use the Lambda intercepts instead of
the ZX81. If you load an unknown ROM, tape manager will be disabled. Fixed RAM Shadows so
that Tree4th & H4th work (again). Added the ability to load/save blocks of memory to file.

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