Après un paquet de mois en dev voici la nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné avant tout pour mame.

Highlights on this version:

01. Support for multiple emulators: MAME, ZiNc, Daphne, AGEMAME, PinMAME
02. New view modes (tiles, thumbnails)
03. View games sorted by groups, using any of the available columns in the list (Group List By…)
04. Auto-detection of new emulator binaries at startup
05. Dynamic loading of MAMu_ icons. Icons are loaded as you scroll the list
06. New image types. You can also change the description of all image types
07. New column: « Hi-Score » (requires hiscore.dat)
08. Fixed aspect ratio. For preview images, it mimics the hardware stretch from MAME
09. Sub-folders auto scanning when searching for ROMs (except Daphne). Set one (1) main folder and let Emu Loader do the rest
10. No games list reloads when changing between games filters
11. Fully compatible with MAME .99u8
12. Customizable main tool bar buttons and images tool bar buttons
13. Games filters updated
14. Many, many, many bugs fixed

La liste de tout les changements est ici.

Télécharger Visual Boy Advance 1.7.2 Fix2 (597,6 Ko)

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