Voici le premier émulateur Nintendo DS (disponible publiquement) écrit par Imran Nazar, il émule également la GBA. Le projet continu officiellement grâce à Chris Double qui à repris la suite des opérations. Il s’agit donc à la base d’une version non officielle mais qui a été rendu officielle par l’auteur d’origine.

* Support for the X and Y keys have been added. This can be configured using the Options/Configuration menu option. The code for this was contributed by Normmatt.
* Many fixes to key handling. Anything but A and B keys were very buggy in previous builds. My ‘keys’ demo from my tutorials now works correctly and Space Invaders is now playable.
* Support for GBA games was re-added. It was removed when I first took up support of DSEmu until I understood the code better. It is now back in and will be maintained.
* The FIFO registers have been implemented. This is an important feature for DSLinux and a step towards support for the commercial downloadable demos.
* Various bug fixes in graphics code.
* The compuational accelerator registers have been implemented. Again, a steps towards support for the commerical downloadable demos. Contributed by Julien Hamaide.
* Workaround for ‘console scramble’. There has been an issue since DevkitPro R14 which causes text output using the console output routines to be scrambled. I implemented a workaround in 0.4.6 but it didn’t work for homebrew programs built with previous versions. I’ve been unable to fix the problem so far, so I added a ‘Unscramble console text’ option in the Options/Configuration menu option. If you run a game and the text appears scrambled, check or uncheck this, and it should correct the problem when you press ‘Ok’. I hope to fix this in 0.4.8.

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