Nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné à Mame/ZiNc/AGE/PinMame dont voici les changements:

.bug fix: MAMu_ icons are displayed in tiles view mode (stretched to 48×48)

.changed: New file: « zinc.ini ». It’s a list of ZiNc games and its driver names
(required to use ZiNc)

.added: Support to create custom driver options for ZiNc drivers and run games with
these settings

.added: menu option: « Emulators Versions » in « View » main menu, to display the version info
of all emulators in use

.bug fix: Games popup menu option « Delete Audio Files » was not poiting to the correct folder
before deleting audio files

.bug fix: Load/save function in « MAME Settings » screen (emulator setup and games custom
options) was not setting to the correct « mame.ini » file, according to the system
selected (MAME, AGEMAME, PinMAME)

.bug fix: The initialization filename (.ini) of MAME based emulators was not being
correctly set in the read/write functions (MAME Settings screen)

.updated: Added missing settings for MAME Plus! (MAME Settings screen)

.changed: All extra initialization files moved to a new folder: « ini_files »
The following files must be moved to this new folder:
– catver.ini
– nplayers.ini
– favorites.ini
– sequels.ini
– hiscore.dat
– GameDescription.ini
– GameCategory.ini
– GameFont.ini
– daphne.ini
– zinc.ini
– bios.ini
– biosset.ini
– controls.ini (support not implemented for this file yet! but it will be…)

Content de voir nos demandes aboutir 🙂

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