Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Multi-consoles (Gb/Gba/Lynx/Pcengine) dont voici les nouveautés:

– GB: CGB-specific emulated RAM is no longer saved in save-states.
– GB: Fixed a bug in sound sweep emulation.
– GBC: The palette is now saved in save states. This fixes a major problem with save states with most GBC games…
– Fixed the SF*N() save state macros to not put quotes around names in save state files, and added a workaround for compatibility with old save states. This is an embarrassing bug. :b
– PCE: Made major optimizations to the VDC emulation code.
– PCE: Rewrote the PSG emulation to use Blip_Synth and Blip_Buffer.
– PCE: Altered the noise channel emulation frequency calculation and LFSR emulation. I’m still not sure if it’s correct.

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