Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la Lynx, la NES, la PC Engine…

En voici les améliorations:

– Added command-line option « -autofirefreq » for setting the frequency of the configured auto-fire buttons when playing NES and PC Engine games.
– PCE: Fixed Street Fighter 2 HuCard emulation.
– PCE: Modified PSG waveform writing/DDA emulation, fixes « Fire Pro Wrestling – Combination Tag ».
– PCE: Modified TRB and TSB emulation. Fixes « Toy Shop Boys ».
– PCE: Implemented VRAM-VRAM DMA direction control bits.
– PCE: Altered VDC timing, fixing a few games, making a few games more bouncy. 😉
– PCE: Fixed sprite clipping on the left side of the screen.
– PCE: The emulated RCR register is now masked with 0x3FF when being set. Fixes Niko Niko Pun.
– PCE: Several CPU cycles are now emulated between setting the in-vblank flag and the vblank IRQ occurring. This works around an issue that would otherwise require timing granularity as small as one cpu cycle. Interestingly, this same type of problem occurs with NES emulation.
– PCE: Altered the display rectangle calculation code to take into effect screen areas that may be hidden on many television sets(and some games were designed with the assumption that these areas WOULD be hidden).
– PCE: Modified noise emulation…again. :b
– PCE: Modified LFO emulation, fixes major sound problems in « Bull Fight ».
– PCE: The sprite DMA completion IRQ now occurs earlier(probably a few cycles too early now, but oh well). Fixes some graphical issues in « Bull Fight ».
– PCE: Sprite bit plane selection is now emulated to a degree. Fixes « Fighting Run ».
– PCE: Very high-frequency(and probably inaudible) sounds are no longer played, because Blip_Synth can’t handle them well. Fixes « Bouken Danshaku Don » and others.

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