Nouvelle version pour ce frontend dont voici les améliorations:

.bug fix: Feature « Extra Command Line Parameters » in Preferences screen, Emulators tab was working only with MAME games
– bug fix: Relative paths not working when searching games .zip files (bug introduced in v4.7.2)
– bug fix: Feature not working: « Fill All Clone Columns »
– changed: Renamed « Fill All Clone Columns » to « Fill All Clone Entries »
– bug fix: Full .ini path not showing in « MAME Settings » screen (« Read Ini File » button’s hint)
– changed: Export games list have more output options
– added: Audit support for all MAME based emulators (MAME, AGEMAME, PinMAME) Each system has its own audit menu options
– bug fix: MAME games not auditing correctly if a game of different system was selected
before starting the audit
– changed: Decryption is not used anymore when adding games to parental lock. This also
prevents breaking the password inside the parental lock file
– bug fix: Password not being set when using « Parental Lock Editor », when a password is
already created
– bug fix: Error when using « Save To HTML » menu options in audit screen
– bug fix: Some bugs related to the parental lock feature
– changed: Several improvements to « Parental Lock Editor » screen…
– bug fix: Error « File is being used by another process » when trying to extract version info from emulator binaries
– added: Option « Import Games List » in « Parental Lock Editor » Use this new button to import an entire games list to the parental lock list(advanced users only)
– bug fix: Error when reading paths surrounded by quotes. This also fixes ROM search when
running games and scanning for audio samples. The following mame.ini entries are fixed:
rompath, inipath, samplepath, ctrlr_directory
– changed: Moved all « advanced user » settings to a new tabsheet called « Advanced User »
(preferences screen, « General » tab)
– changed: Favorites Manager is now called « Favorites – UserName Editor »
– changed: Default profile entry removed from « ini_filesfavorites.ini » file
– added: Multiple profiles can use the same favorites file
– changed: Screen « Favorites – UserName Editor » updated, optimized and bugs fixed
– bug fix: Info was not being displayed for certain games in « Game Documents » and
« Automatic Game Information » features
– changed: Unsupported settings in « mame.ini » of newer MAME versions are separated in a new tab called « Unsupported » (MAME Settigngs screen)
– bug fix: Read/write errors in MAME Plus! ini files

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