Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la nes, la Lynx, la PC Engine…

0.4.3: (Note: PCE CD save states created in previous versions will not work very well with this release)

Fixed a compilation problem in cdromif.cpp regarding NULL on *BSD platforms by including .

Lynx: Fixed the constructor and destructor declarations of the C65C02 class, which should fix a reported
compilation error with gcc 4.1.

GBA: Added a few missing variables to save states.

GB: Lines during which time the screen is turned off are now cleared(fixes flickering problems at the
start of games, and during transitory blank screens).

Fixed the SDL_net.h include statement in drivers/netplay.cpp.

PCE: Fixed a bug with CUE+BIN sector size handling with regards to pregaps. CUE+BIN is still
officially unsupported. :B

PCE: Noise is now rendered at blip_med_quality.

PCE: Removed the code that checks to make sure the audio sector to play is non-zero. Fixes « Crazy Hospital ».

Changed the maximum supported playback rate from 96KHz to 48KHz, to be able to safely extend the temporal precision
of Blip_Buffer further.
Note that this shouldn’t be considered a regression, as there are virtuall no benefits to using a sample rate
above 48KHz in Mednafen(though there may be benefits in other applications).
***BIG NOTE:***
If you previously set the playback rate above 48KHz, you will have to manually edit the text configuration
file(~/.mednafen/mednafen.cfg) to bring the value in range. This is necessary because of a limitation in the setting
validation code.

Updated to Blip_Buffer 0.4.0, which offers improved sound quality over previous versions:
– Improved sound quality by rewriting library to use 32-bit internal sample
buffer, higher phase resolution, and a properly windowed filter kernel. Current
user code should work without changes.

PCE: When sprites and background are both disabled, and the VDC is not in burst mode, the scanline is now filled with color 0x000 from the palette
rather than 0x100. This fixes the « Hurry Up » water effect in the CD game « Rainbow Islands ».

PCE: Fixed the CD-DA amplitude calculating(used the BIOS’ CD-DA player interface).

PCE: Altered VDC line timing slightly.

PCE: ADPCM frequency is no longer reset on ADPCM reset, fixes Gulliver Boy’s dialogue voices during

PCE: Fixed reading from nonexistant audio sectors(by memset()’ing the audio buffer to zero).

PCE: Implemented sector reading delays, games that use FMV like Gulliver Boy work much better now. It’s not implemented 100% correctly,
and requires a small CPU hack to disable IRQs during a timing-sensitive period of emulation. I don’t like hacks, but…it’s still better
than the giant hack of reading all the sectors at once, which was how it used to be.

PCE: Implemented ADPCM read and write delay. « Record of Lodoss War » no longer locks up at the title screen.

PCE: Opcode and operand data reads from VDC register 0x1 will now return 0x40, which fixes
Dragon Slayer 2. I doubt this is correct, but it shouldn’t break any other game.

PCE: CUE+BIN audio playback no longer locks up the emulator, but CUE+BIN is still
officially unsupported.

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