Une nouvelle version de Nebula vient de sortir dont voici les améliorations :

Improved sound volume (checked with Z80 volume tables).
Improved music speed (checked with real sound samples. Thanks to BillyJr).
Fixed some wrong objects in KOV.

Fixed incorrect music speed in some games (still some remaining)
Dipswitches in all CPS1 games were wrong. They are (should) be
correct now. (remember that CPS1 dips are changed in the Cheats menu)
Fixed some sprite clipping problems.

Added Vampire Hunter 2 and the rest of the latest CPS2Shock releases

Fixed garou select button
Fixed garou 3rd Terry stage background animation (requires rasters enabled)
Fixed garou random character selection.
Fixed sound problems in ssidekicks4 and neobomberman
Improved raster emulation with the info from the real HW.
Now nebula should not complaing about wrong ng-lo.rom files.
Fixed sound problems ninja combat, ninja commando and others. Big thanks
to Acho A. Tang.
Fixed KOF94 Japan stage intro.
Recent neogeo games have been locked. You should go to an arcade
if you want to play them.
Fixed kof2knd C7 rom (seems that only I had that rom)
Added an additional sengoku3 romset for the new P1 (it’s not
clear what’s the correct one).
ND romsets no longer use the encrypted P roms, they are fully decrypted.

Added an option to auto switch to Fullscreen after loading a ROM (Misc menu)
Corrected Nebulaconfig looping in the options screen.

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