MamePlus est à jour.

# since users are prone to overwrite their own folders/Favorites.ini on a new release, the file is removed from release package. GUI will automatically create it when necessary
# added some Chinese CPS1 hacks [Creamymami]

* these are genuine dumps but not necessarily good dumps
* changed titles of Chinese hacks according to some literal translations from martial arts chivalry novels

# added Show Time & Show Input Log [CANAME, xvi]
# added optional splash screen [EKMAME?, xvi]
# deleted old unibioses. only the latest version is supported
# added ‘BIOS’ treeview
# updated options handling code
# fixed crash of YM2610 games (neopong etc)
# changed some command glyphs for 12pt CJK font [ZetaMAME32]

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