Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-consoles dont voici les changements:

drivers/opengl.cpp now includes the GL header files AFTER the header file that eventually loads config.h is included to fix
compilation on Mac OS X.

Redefined SFEND from { 0 } to { 0, 0, 0}, and fixed older code to use the SFEND macro, to fix crashing on OSX and possibly
other platforms when saving or loading states.

Reduced SDL’s buffer size when using the SDL sound driver(used on MacOSX).

Restructured and merged some of the sections in the autoconf script. Note to future self: I noted that it seems if
the first instance of PKG_CHECK_MODULES() is in a statement that doesn’t evaluate, any other PKG_CHECK_MODULES()
statements will fail. I don’t know if this is a bug in autoconf, or a misunderstanding on my part.

Removed the largely unused ESD sound driver from compilation, as it is mostly unsuitable for use in Mednafen.
Also removed the jack driver, as it was unfinished, and couldn’t be used anyway.

PCE: Fixed CD-DA playback from « WAV » audio files on big-endian platforms.

Fixed a compilation problem on big-endian CPUs by adding appropriate type-casts in psf.cpp.

Modified the GBA code to not use many INLINEd functions in arm.cpp. This greatly reduces
RAM and CPU usage during compilation, and should have only a negligible impact on performance(and might
even improve performance on cache-starved systems).

Pas encore de binaire Win32.

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