Un émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la nes, la Lynx, la PC Engine…


– Fixed the NES PPC AltiVec resampling code by properly aligning an output array.
– Fixed NES sound emulation on 32-bit platforms(omitting the buffer size to Blip_Buffer::set_sample_rate() was causing an assert to go off on — 64-bit platforms).


– Dropped the libsamplerate dependency.
– NES: Replaced the resampling code from the intermediate frequency after FIR resample with Blip_Buffer. The only audible effect seems to be a slight lowpass filter effect.
– PCE: Integrated the CDDA playback code into the main PCE CDROM emulation code by using Blip_Buffer.
– PCE: Removed the compressor and cddaquality settings.
– Updated the Russian PO file, mostly to remove or fix grossly incorrect « fuzzy » entries.
– Added an incomplete Spanish(Spain) PO file.
– PCE: If a data sector read from a physical disc fails, it will be reattempted continuously until it succeeds, or the user presses the exit key(F12 by default). (note that this may appear to lock up Mednafen, but the exit key will still work)
This *should* fix problems with physical PCE CDs under Mac OS/X and MS Windows.
– Merged trio(http://daniel.haxx.se/projects/trio/) into Mednafen to fix format-string problems on non-glibc systems(MS Windows for example!).
– GB: Modified the APU emulation code to silence a gcc warning.
– PCE, Lynx, GB, GBA: Doubled the size of the Blip_Buffer phase offset table for slightly higher sound quality.
– PCE: Fixed ADPCM playback code for when sound is disabled(it was ultimately causing a crash in earlier versions).
– Converted the MD5 functions to a class.
– Fixed(hopefully) compilation on non-Apple PowerPC systems.
– Fixed save-state support for saving/loading arrays of 16-bit and 32-bit variables(the hints were already there, but the code to handle the hints was nonexistant). Note that this change will cause incompatibilities between old save states and this version on big-endian platforms.
– Removed the included « m4 » directory, updated autogen.sh, and reran it to regenerate aclocal.m4 with newer(and fixed on AMD64) versions of the gettext autoconf scripts.
See: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=349845

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