Un émulateur Multi-Consoles disponibles à présent pour Windows. Il émule le SG-1000, Famicom / NES, Mark III / Master System, PC Engine & PC Engine CD-ROM2 / Turbo Grafx 16 & Turbo Grafx CD, Super Grafx, Mega Drive & Mega CD / Genesis & Sega CD, Super Famicom / SNES, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, Game Boy & Game Boy Color, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket & Neo Geo Pocket Color, Wonder Swan & Wonder Swan Color…

Xe updates:

* [Xe/Linux] Fixed BIOS load location. (Thanks to PeT for finding this bug)
* [Xe/Win32] Fixed disabled options when loading disc with open tray.
* [Xe/Win32] Removed some dead code.
* [Wonder Swan] Fixed VRAM access. (Thanks to PeT for finding this bug)
* [Super Famicom] Fixed FM overflow. (Thanks to Adam Ruppe for finding this bug)

Site updates:

* Minor fixes and updates to the Manual.

Site Officiel

En savoir plus…