La version windows avec son+couleur et émulant les jeux commerciaux, par contre la version incluant le debugger reste payante. No$GBA émule également la DS.

– help: added credits in about chapter, uploaded gbatek v2.2b standalone version
– help: removed question marks in video capture chapter (thanks christan auby)
– help: added bios-dumping method, bypassing biosprot via 5ECh (thanks damien)
– debugger: hides 2nd gamescreen in gba-mode, and activates it in nds-mode only
– help: firmware settings RTC Offset, difference in seconds on time/date changes
– debugger: shows debug window also on cmdline « no$gba file.gba » (unless hidden)
– xcept: allows passme-entry-style jumps in 27ffxxxh area (mirrors of 23ffxxxh)
– xcept: allows nds9_irq_vector=zero (only if itcm=enabled, and itcm_base=zero)
– vram viewer: palette screen: adds engine-b-base, engine-button freshen_options
– setup: autostart flag (in filemenu) saved with other options in ini/cfg file
– debugger: search -> goto area -> exchanged 32K and 256K (thanks peter schraut)
– vram viewer: supports new nds bgmodes (bitmap, large bitmap, rotscal-16bit)
– dual cpu: provokes instant machine switch on any 27ffxxxh access (libnds stub)
– cartloader: applies passme-patches only to NDS-header (not to GBA-header)
– help: added description of bg#cnt size-bits for nds bitmaps and large-bitmap
– bios: fixed 80×86 bios rlu/lz77 decoders (new v2.2 regr0_adjust damaged flags)
– help: added KEY2 specs (semi-thanks darkfader for (obviously) incomplete info)
– iomap/vram viewer: shows correct names of NDS video modes (text,bitmap,etc.)
– lcd: supports bitmap base (in 16K steps), supports rotated/scaled bitmaps
– no$fmw: fixed nds7 uninitialized r12, activated DST adjust, fixed DST apply
– no$fmw: simplified nds7-bios-dump, works without nds-cart, thanks damien good

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