Le second émulateur de Nintendo DS créé par l’équipe de Gebea.

– CPU: Optimized Thumb emulation
– CPU: Added support for mode changes on MOVS
– CPU: The IntrWait SWI can now be interrupted even when IME=0 (as it would on a real DS)
– GPU: Added support for main memory (FIFO) display mode
– GPU: Modfied reference coordinate calculation for rotoscale OBJs
– GPU: Fixed vertical OBJ clipping
– GPU: Fixed a problem with 1D bitmap OBJ mapping
– GPU: Fixed a bug where BGs would not be drawn if the VRAM selection bits in DISPCNT were non-zero
– MMU: Fixed 16- and 32-bit writes to VRAMCNT_*
– MMU: VRAM banks mapped to extended palettes are no longer accessible
– GUI: Added an OBJ viewer
– GUI: Added a map viewer (does not yet support all types of maps)
– GUI: Improved the tile viewer (VRAM bank selection)
– GUI: Changed the screenshot keyboard shortcuts to Ctrl+1..Ctrl+3 so as to not interfere with dialogs were entering numbers is needed

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