Un émulateur Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter ACE, Memotech & du G007 HRG développé par Mike Wynne.

– Fixed the loss of Window size on exit/restart of EightyOne and also when changing
between PAL/NTSC mode. Added Scanlines/Brightness controls to the Display Artifacts

You can now click on any value in the Debug window and modify its contents.
– Fixed ZX80 loading .o files (again).
– Added the facility for the emulated ZX81 to detect the environment it is running in.
– See detect.p for an example and the help file for the complete details (eventually).
– It appears that the COM port enumeration is also causing some trouble. To disable
COM port detection, create a file called « nocomport » in the same directory as
EightyOne.exe (The contents of this file are irrelevent, merely its existance).
– Likewise, you can disable sound by creating the fine nosound in the same directory
as eightyone.exe

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