Nouvelle version pour ce frontend destiné à Mame:

– New : Now displays which rom is currently scanned during rom initialising.
– New : Added new Mameoption ‘-mngwrite’. (Mame 104u3 and upwards)
– New : Updated Mameoption ‘-priority’. You can now select priority values 1 to -15. (Mame 104u3 and upwards)
– Changed : Updated some warning popups.
– Improved : Compiled with the latest ZLib library. Resulting in increased extraction speed for icons, screenshots, etc…
– Improved : Improved and faster stretch filters for screenshots, etc…
– Improved : Optimised the rom scanning.
– Fixed : Bug in the stretch filter settings.
– Fixed : Query bug in the new database engine.
– Fixed : Small bug in the CHD image checking.
– Fixed : After quiting a game the EasyMame window is now always the active window.
– Fixed : ‘Access Violation’ when viewing gamedriver info and no mameinfo.dat was available.

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