Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo DS.

– CPU: Added SWI 3 and 6
– CPU: Fixed some problems with SWI 5
– CPU: Modfied MSR a bit
– GPU: Added support for the VTX_DIFF command
– GPU: Fixed some bugs with rotation parameters on the sub core
– GPU: Fixed the GL_INVALID_OPERATION error that could occur when switching back and forth between different renderers
– MMU: Fixed accesses by the ARM7 in the 0x02100000-0x023FFFFF memory range
– MMU: Changed initial value of WRAMCNT to 3
– MMU: Fixed a typo that lead to bad 16/32-bit WRAM writes from the ARM7
– GUI: Added a few more Thumb opcodes to the disassembler
– GUI: Added a « Turbo SWI » option on the CPU tab for ARM7 binaries that mainly sit and wait for vblanks

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