FakeNES est un emulateur NES concu en open source et portable, la plupart de son code est du C, et il utilise l’excellente libraire Allegro pour être porté sur plusieurs systèmes. Il est distribué selon les termes de la license CAL « Clarified Artistic License », qui est compatible avec la très en vogue GNU General Public License (GPL).

– The new 0.5.x series represents the rebirth of FakeNES. Expect many problems to follow. =o)

– AUDIO: Added audio Delta-Sigma filter.
– AUDIO: Fixed pseudo stereo mode 2 by disabling noise cycling.
– CODE: Changed default minimum CPU requirement on DJGPP and Mingw32 compiled builds to i586 (Pentium class), up from i486.
– CODE: Makefile improvements, including automagic dependancy list generation.
– CODE: Centralized all save data functions into ‘save.c’ and ‘save.h’.
– CODE: Split ‘misc.h’ into ‘common.h’ and ‘types.h’.
– CODE: Renamed ‘crc32.c’ and ‘crc32.h’ to ‘crc.c’ and ‘crc.h’, respectively, to allow for future additions to the CRC generation API.
– CODE: Fixed version number to read 0.5.1 instead of 0.4.0 – it was broken in the January 13th WIP release, which was supposed to be 0.5.0. x_x
– CORE: Removed x86 optimized core since it’s benefits these days are questionable compared to the overhead it induces.
– GUI: GUI overhaul, partial Unicode support, and more.
– GUI: Added GUI toggle for Zapper emulation.
– GUI: Changed default GUI theme to ‘Panta’.
– GUI: Changed display method for backgrounds less than 200 pixels high from stretched to centered.
– GUI: Fixed background drawing in color depths higher than 8 bits-per-pixel.
– INPUT: Added support for using the mouse as an input device.
– MISC: Added a CPU usage option and subsequently a GUI menu with which to configure it.
– VIDEO: Added support for 24-bit video modes (fullscreen and windowed).
– VIDEO: Removed outdated 2xSOE blitters.
– VIDEO: Overhauled all remaining blitters and combined multiple blitter variants together.
– VIDEO: Added new DES and DESii blitters.
– VIDEO: Added makeshift support for HQ2X, HQ3X, and HQ4X.
– VIDEO: Changed default display mode under windowed environments from fullscreen to windowed; use a platform-specific driver or the ‘Force Fullscreen’ option to override.

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