Un très bon émulateur de TI-99/4A tournant sous Windows. Il fut connu sous le nom d’AMI99, mais renommer, beaucoup de personne pensait qu’il s’agissait d’un émulateur Commodore Amiga.

# Added CPU cycle-accurate counting (still throttled only per-frame, but at least speed is correct and not guessed at now). Except DIV is a bit fast. Docs are unclear on that. Will guess at it later. Interrupt simulator does not have cycle counts, and probably won’t. If you’re using that, you’re trying to run faster anyway. 😉
# -Disk can now read Windows text files as DF80 (to load compressed object files from cross-assemblers with Editor/Assembler Load and Run). I’ll do the DV80 as normal text later. Uncompressed object files will not load until I do that.
# -Relax CPU usage when ‘Pause Window When Inactive’ is set, and the Window is inactive
# -Rewrite timer thread to use waitable timers instead of spinning on the Performance counters, but did not note an improvement in CPU usage. (Still have to measure and see if it’s accurate). Tweaked 9901 timers for the new code but did not see if it was better since it’s still pretty wrong. 😉
# -Clear blit event after a blit – this prevents a double blit after a video update.
# -Clear user interrupt on File->;Reset to work around a console ROM bug

Télécharger Classic99 v3.99a (9,0 Mo)

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