Un émulateur Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Jupiter ACE, Memotech & du G007 HRG développé par Mike Wynne. En voici les changements:

Version 0.42T2
– The last release had the flash attribute disabled – oops 🙂 (You’ll see why later)

Version 0.42T
– Fixed Ace up/down keys being reversed.
– Added ability for the Spectrum to save to TZX.
– Implemented Tap/TXZ support for the Jupiter Ace.
– Added support for Timex TC2048/TS2068 machines.
– Tightening up of the TV emulation timing stopped Manic Miner from displaying properly – now fixed.
– Fixed Lambda Display problems on a 32 bit desktop.
– Fixed bug where EightyOne would not start up correctly if the last time it was closed the debugger was left open.

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